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Poultry disease prevention and management

A disease is any condition that interferes with the normal functioning of  part or the whole body of a living organism.  There are different disease causative agents or factors; Deficiencies of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals etc. The consumption of toxic substances such as poisons. Physical damage e.g. environmental extremes and injury. Parasitic invasion […] View more

Cannibalism in poultry

Birds have a social hierarchy which is referred to as pecking order. Mild pecking is one of the main approaches in setting up of this order. Cannibalism, on the other hand, is a behaviour in which birds aggressively peck one other to an extent of causing physical harm.  can start with a few birds before […] View more

Why Hens Eat Their Own Eggs

What do I do to stop my hens from eating eggs? This is one of the most asked questions by many poultry farmers.   Whereas these farmers are desperate to get answers to this question, they (the farmers) fail to ask one more question whose answers would answer their question. Have I confused anyone with this […] View more

Moulting in laying Hens

Moulting is a natural process where hens shed and renew their feathers. During moulting hens reduce or even stop egg production. Many farmers are often left panicking when their chickens shade feathers overnight and stop laying eggs or drop egg production drastically.  The bird’s loose feathers gradually and bare patches of skins in different parts […] View more

Factors that affect chicken breed selection

If there is one question that every beginner in poultry farming should ask, then it is the one on breeding. Many upcoming poultry farmers have a big problem in deciding on which breed of chicken to keep in their farms. Before settling on what breed of chicken to rare, it is important to do extensive […] View more

Getting started in poultry farming

Poultry keeping has been for a long time the source of livelihood for many people in developing countries. Many farmers besides other livestock will always keep a few birds, be it chicken, pigeons, ducks, turkeys among other domestic birds.  For many people, Small-scale poultry farming is aimed at providing meat and eggs.   Poultry meat and […] View more

Raising Day-old chicks

You have just received day-old chicks from your supplier. What next?  Other than feeds and drugs, the other immediate challenge will be to provide these chicks with the required warmth. When young chicks are being taken care of by their mother, one may not know the importance of a brooder.  The mother hen provides the […] View more