We, Feed Africa Poultry consistently endeavors to support our customers as they strive to exploit their potential and running sustainable poultry farming.  Beside selling you our products, we strongly believe that there are supportive services that you still need to maximize your returns in farming. In this regard, therefore, Feed Africa either solely or through partners offers the following services in attempt to ensure that you run profitable poultry business.

  • Fundis – Poultry structure is a component that takes one of the biggest shares of the fixed capital in your farm. As a farmer, therefore, there is need to ensure that you choose the most economical option when constructing a poultry house /structure. Feed Africa has partnered with fundis who use locally available materials to construct affordable yet durable poultry houses. You need the services of these fundis? If yes, just fill the service inquiry form.
  • Incubator repairs – Is your incubator giving you headache and you feel there need to get expert attention on the same? Give us a call or more conveniently fill our service form and Feed Africa will respond sooner than later.
  • Training – Are you new in poultry business or simply hungry for more information and knowledge in the industry? Feed Africa Poultry contacts onsite and online training. It is worth noting that we offer free training to farmers who have bought our products or subscribed to our Ten-Bird initiative. Furthermore, we partner with other organizations that offer training to poultry farmers. Our website is also equipped with articles meant to give insights on various poultry issues.
  • Talk to a vet – Feed Africa links poultry farmers to reputable vets in their regions. Other than dealing with expert consultants, make sure that you buy your poultry feeds/drugs/equipment from reputable agro vets.
  • My feeds supplier – Where can I buy quality feeds for my birds? Worry no more.  Feed Africa Poultry has taken time to establish reliable feeds supplier in your region.
  • Equipment supplier – Where do I buy the incubators from? Or battery cages/drinkers/nipples etc. Feed Africa has a long term partnership with a number of companies that sell quality poultry equipment. We can link you to one of these suppliers at the click of a button.
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